Symposium Overview
With increasing global energy demand, finding new means of producing clean and renewable energy is a critical challenge for the future of our world. Redefining worldwide energy production will require significant contributions from industry and academia and will establish future job opportunities. The development of renewable energy resources also has important environmental, economic, security and social implications.
The goal of this symposium is to provide a thorough analysis of the challenges and opportunities in the field of renewable energy, including the discovery of fundamental chemistry concepts, the development of novel devices, as well as the deployment and commercialization of new technologies. The symposium will be composed of presentations from a diverse set of speakers: academic faculty, entrepreneurs in energy development, and executives from the private sector. These experts will provide a unique set of perspectives to initiate a multi-dimensional discussion about the future of alternative energy production. In an effort to encourage open discourse, the speakers will participate in a question and answer panel. The symposium will conclude with an informal cocktail mixer to foster scientific collaboration and provide a networking opportunity for attendees.
2013 Graduate Student Symposium
Hosted By: University of California, Irvine
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Energy Solutions for a Green Future