2013 Graduate Student Symposium
Hosted By: University of California, Irvine
News from the UCI GSSPC
April 2013
*The symposium event finished on Monday. We would like to thank everyone for attending, our speakers for their fantastic talks, and our sponsors for their generous support!
*Kirk Froggatt’s Business Toolkit is available from his talk here: Benchtop To Business Toolkit
March 2013
*The UCI GSSPC Symposium Facebook page is up and running. Check it out!
January 2013
*The UCI GSSPC would like to congratulate the following undergraduates on winning the 2013 ACS GSSPC Undergraduate Award:
         - Sophia Carroll (Smith College)
         - James Ging (Stony Brook University)
         - Matt Hauwiller (University of Minnesota)
         - David Hildebrandt (Case Western Reserve University)
         - Szilvia Kiss (Smith College)
         - Ryan Kowalski (Case Western Reserve University)
         - Dylan Walsh (University of Minnesota)
*The schedule for the symposium has been posted!
*We are proud to announce that the Spring 2014 GSSPC has been selected. Congratulations to the University of Texas at Austin!
December 2012
The application period for becoming the Spring 2014 GSSPC has closed.
August 2012
*We are proud to announce a call for applications for the Spring 2014 GSSPC. See our Apply page for more information.
*We are proud to announce our current sponsors for the symposium. See our Sponsors page!
July 2012
Nate Lewis, George L. Argyros Professor of Chemistry at the California Institute of Technology, will be speaking at the symposium!
April 2012
Melanie Sanford, Moses Gomberg Collegiate Professor of Chemistry and Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Chemistry at the University of Michigan, will be speaking at the symposium!
Kirk Froggatt, Senior Fellow and Gemini Chair in Technology Management at the University of Minnesota Technological
Leadership Institute, will be speaking at the symposium!    
Daniel Nocera, Patterson Rockwood Professor of Energy at Harvard University, will be speaking at the symposium!
Matt Law, Assistant Professor at UC Irvine, will be speaking at the symposium!